Professional English coaching for Companies and Individuals

"Hello Anglais helped me with my english allowing me to take on the resposibility of dealing with English speaking clients, winning several new contracts for the company"

Benoit Barbizan, Couserans construction.

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Professional on-site English training.

choose to have one-on-one sessions or group sessions.

English training by telephone and/or internet.

We can use Skype, Facetime or your prefered Instant messenger in order to teach you directly on-line.

Other services/specific tasks

  • Intesive imerssion courses
  • Proof reading
  • Prepare for TOEICS, BULATS etc.
  • Meetings in English
  • CV and interview preperation
  • Each Individual or company has different needs and goals with regards to English training. We help you determine your goals and then we put in place a language training program that is adapted to your unique situation. We do not offer a one size fits all solution.

    As each company has different needs and goals, often within each company, different departments can have different language objectives. We can not only adapt each English course for each individual company but we can also adapt each English class within a company to meet your requirements.

    Our training conforms to the ‘plan de formation.’

    About Us

    We are Native English speakers living in the Ariége. Capable of providing both American and British English language instruction, as well as cultural guidance. We have many years of experiance teaching English here in France and also in Asia. We teach English at all levels from your first steps to finesing your accent and refining your gramma, we can help you. We also speak French which can help us to understand specific and often common mistakes. All our tutors are Tefl certified.

    We enjoy contact with a diverse group of businesses and we are passionate about offering a quality service. We are constantly asking ourselves how we can add value to what we offer. We listen to our clients and deliver their needs.

    Our values

    We believe students have different interests, different needs, and different learning styles. While we offer all the standard recommendations for learning a language (see blog on tips for learning English) we also recognize each student is unique. We cater to these needs by using a variety of teaching techniques and teaching styles that best suit the student. Relevant material and learning resources are given to each student in order to support them throughout their training and beyond.

    Due to our experience we are able to adapt our teaching style to facilitate better learning and to deal with certain obstacles that may come up. many people have a fear of speaking a second language or are scared by their school language experiance. Our trainers are equipped to identify and deal with a myriad of situations that may come up in the classroom.


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